Accommodation in Bibione

Those Bibionese hoteliers do mean business!

Heading for Bibione? Finding accommodation here should be the last thing on your mind! You might travel with your family. Or, perhaps, your notion of rewarding holiday is all about exploring the great outdoors!

Perhaps you love your four legged friend so much, you can’t even begin to think of leaving them behind. Or, on the other hand, your epicurean ways urge you to only think about relaxation and pampering more than you think about anything else. Are you more of an active holidaymaker?

Associazione Bibionese Albergatori

Regardless of your notion of fulfilling vacation, most sleeping venues in Bibione are ready to enable your holiday plans. Consider this: Bibionese hoteliers are very well organized. They have an association (ABA, which stands for Associazione Bibionese Albergatori), which undertakes to inform the public about the tourist infrastructure of the resort.

Several other services are also on the table. So, check with them before you plan a vacation in Bibione to see their recommendations:

Associazione Bibionese Albergatori
Corso del Sole, 6, Bibione, 30020, Venice, Italy
[email protected] / [email protected]
Website: /

Where can you find accommodation in Bibione?

Most hotels and residences are located in Spiaggia. Lido del Sole comes next in terms of density of sleeping venues. There is one hotel very close to Lido de Pini, and several others in Pineda.

As far as camping sites are concerned, look west: Pineda and the west side of Lido del Sole are where you’ll find your sleeping venues for a perfect vacation close to nature.

There are several high market hotels here: one 5-star hotel and a bunch of 4-star sleeping venues. Consider them if you’re in the mood to splurge! But don’t fret: thrifty visitors can opt for budget solutions: 1-star and 2-star hotels are also at hand.

What type of hotel should you choose?

The bottom line is your chosen accommodation should match your vacation plans. So, what a relief to learn hotels owners and operators are classified in several groups.

Bibione Thermae Hotels welcome visitors with a wide range of advantages. As guest of any of the hotels part of the said club, you can enjoy substantial discounts at Bibione Thermae if you’re in need of medical care, beauty treatment or if you’re in the mood for pampering. You must hold the so-called Thermae Card, stamped by the hotel you’re a guest of.

Bibione Walking Hotels are dedicated to making a Nordic walker’s dream vacation come true. The least they can do – and actually offer – is: they supply walking poles (usually, at no extra charge), they guarantee safe storage of personal equipment and help you start your day big, by offering a special power breakfast. What more? Bibione Walking Hotels offer information on all Nordic walking-related events and routes. In some cases, they also organize guided tours and arrange transfers.

Bibione Bike Hotels offer similar services and facilities: bikes at guests disposal, storage, bike repair and maintenance kits, information on tours and itineraries, special breakfast and packed lunches, and even guided tours. Check with your hotel’s reception: other services might be available for keen bikers.

For pet owners, Bibione Pet Hotels undertake to accommodate all types of dogs, but keep in mind some only receive small pets or, at most, medium-sized dogs. Only few accept large pets. However, if they’re part of Bibione Pet Hotels, they usually offer dedicated facilities and services: dog-friendly areas, food bowls, reserved spots on the dog-friendly beach of Bibione, even veterinary service (usually, on request). While all such hotels accept pets, some might apply extra charges.

Finally, Bibione Family Hotels are the best bet for tourists who bring their children along. You can easily recognize them by the sticker displayed usually at the entrance. The range of services and dedicated facilities include: welcome gifts for the little ones, informative materials about kids’ entertainment in the area, pediatric services, beds, tables and tubs for babies, special menus, baby bottles and seats at the restaurant, playgrounds, play areas on the beach, mini-clubs and whatnot.

So, choose carefully. Keep in mind certain hotels are parts of several clubs, which makes your choice all easier.