Travel tips to Bibione

Heading for Bibione? Consider these travel tips first



Make the best of your vacation in Bibione: shop, eat out, book a sun chair or an umbrella, go to fun parks or on a boat tour. Expect all payments to be made in euro.

Notes consist of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euro bills, and the range of coins goes from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents (the subunits of the European currency) to 1 and 2 euro coins.

Money exchange

If you need to exchange money, go to an exchange desk. Rates might not be as convenient as offered by banks, but exchange desks have longer opening hours.

There are a handful of banks in Bibione, most of them located centrally on the island. You can safely rely on them in order to exchange money or make other transactions.


Post offices

Visit the post office if you want to send a post card like the typical old-school vacationer, or if in need of any of the other services offered by the Italian Post. It enjoys a central location on the island, and it is easy to find.

Check the data below to see addresses and services they offer:

Ufficio postale Bibione

Bibione Post Office / Ufficio postale Bibione
Piazza Mercato, 1, Bibione, 30028, Venice, Italy


In order to make a call to Bibione, you first have to dial the country code: 0039 for Italy. Then you have to enter 0431, which is the code for towns in the Cervignano del Friuli district. Some 5 or 6 digits follow next.

Connection to the Internet

Wi-Fi is complimentary to the range of services and facilities offered by most hotels in Bibione. If it’s not free, charges might be applicable, but connection to the Internet is commonplace. Not a rarity in Bibione.

On the beach, on the go, wherever you might be in Bibione, you can make sure you have Internet coverage.

Please visit BibioneWiFi to see their network and hotspots, prices and other useful information. Also, visit Bibione Spiaggia to compare prices and make up your mind about what provider suits you best.

Useful phone numbers

Emergency Service (Pronto Soccorso / Servizio di Emergenza): 118

Carabinieri: 112

Fire Department (Vigili del Fuoco): 115

Harbor Office (Capitaneria di Porto): 1530

Municipal Police (Polizia Municipale): 00390431438939


Spoken language


Time zone

One hour ahead of GMT (wintertime)

Tourist information offices

There is one tourist information office in Bibione, located in Viale Aurora. It opens throughout the tourist season, and you can visit it if you need to get directions of learn useful information about events, nearby attractions and other interesting fact about Bibione.


As citizen of the European Union, you only need a valid identification card in order to enter Italy and finally set foot in Bibione. If you start out anywhere outside the European Union, a passport will suffice to be able to enter the territory of Italy.

Customs regulations

European Union citizens are generally allowed to import or export larger amounts of goods, if compared to tourists with no European citizenship. Special regulations concern the transport of goods like tobacco, alcoholic beverages, products of animal origin (depending on where they were produced), medicinal products. Before you worry about amounts, you have to prove or declare such goods are for personal use only.

Visit IATA and learn in depth about customs regulations in Italy. The information will help you plan a smooth vacation to Bibione or to anywhere else in Italy.