Shopping in Bibione

Shop for fashion, souvenirs and local produces while in Bibione

A vacation in Bibione is a busy vacation. Sunbathe, explore nature and enjoy sports! Relax and discover the local cuisine! Obviously, there’s plenty of fun to go around in a single stay on the Venetian Riviera, in Bibione in particular.

Try to slot in some shopping on your vacation agenda. There’s plenty of shops and boutiques, markets and outlets on the island, as well as in the vicinity, to discover and to make the most of. You can shop for fashion and jewels, food and souvenirs. Things you need and things you can buy on a whim: the gratifying fixings of a rewarding vacation.

Fashion and casual clothing, shoes and accessories in Bibione

Jazz up your look, but keep it casual: you’re on vacation! In Bibione there are plenty of boutiques and stores to choose from. You can shop for worldwide famous labels, but you can just as well consider the downmarket bids. Last season’s offers – true bargains if you look for something less expensive – and the latest trends, as well as any combo of the above: your chance to make up a classy outfit or the street casual getup that benefits you with comfort and good looks.

Poker, Biancaneve, Micidiale Sport, Rischio and Tintoretti Emilia Abbigliamento in Pelle dot the shopping backbone of Bibione, i.e. Viale Aurora. Poli Boutique is just nearby, on Via del Sagitario. Head eastwards and see what Risk, Black Out and Playboy Boutique have on sale.

If you look to sparkle up your outfit, check out Cauzzo Christian on Via delle Costellazioni. And compare prices or confine to some superb window-shopping at Gualandi Gioielli, Oreficeria Alberti and Palumbo Gioielli, all crammed along Viale Aurora.

Limac and De Pin Calzature are close by (on Viale Aurora).

Foodstuff, local produces and supermarkets

A handful of supermarkets to choose from: not the craziest shopping experience, but of use if you want to stock up on treats to enjoy on the go or back to your hotel room. Supermarket Arianna is just around the corner if you find accommodation close to Via Noncelo. Supermercato Pressoto, Zenith, A&O and Durante Sabrina are at hand if you book a room in Bibione Spiaggia or to a hotel in the central area.

Look for Grossmarket Fapranzi, Disiot, Supermercato Friulmare or Mare+Supermercati if your hotel or camping is in Bibione Pineda. Savory bakery goodies and mouthwatering pastry for you and your family at Toccane Panificio (on Via Cadore) or at Ca’Laurana Panificio (on Corso Europa).