Bibione Blue Flag and EMAS

Quality of service and environment protection guaranteed by the Blue Flag and EMAS

The Blue Flag

The Foundation for Environmental Education issues the Blue Flag. It is a distinction granted to places pigeonholed Green Destinations: they offer high quality services while stressing on the need to increase awareness of environment protection urgency. It is to Bibione Spiaggia that the island owes its awards. Their efforts of offering the best tourist experience to each visitor who set foot on the island while also protecting the environment against the careless ways of mainstream tourism paid off.

Each beach in Bibione enjoys this distinction. So, whether you prefer Spiaggia or Lido del Sole, or, then again, if you look for some extra nature thrill and head for Lido dei Pini or for Pineda, you can rest assured: you’re benefited with the highest of standards in respect to quality of services and facilities, safety, quality of water and whatnot. Bandiera Blu is all-pervading.

Please visit Bibione Spiaggia in order to learn more about the host of amenities and about the management that brought Bibione this award.

Also, visit Blue Flag Programme in order to learn in depth about the criteria that destinations need to comply with in order to be granted the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is a quality label renewed every year.


EMAS, which is short from Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, is a certification that recognizes the efforts and achievements in increasing the quality of all elements that combine to create a tourist experience. All destinations that can boast off such a certification have high quality bathing water, improved beach services (comprising both basic amenities and facilities for people with reduced mobility) and/or the safe cycle paths, as well as pedestrian areas laid out without damaging the environment, but allowing tourists to discover nature.

Also, the certificate recognizes the efficiency of waste collection facilities, as well as the authorities efforts to increase tourists and locals’ awareness of the need to preserve and protect the environment. For regular of Bibione, who are already familiar with the island’s achievements, it comes as no surprise to learn Bibione was the first European destination that received an EMAS certificate. Visit Bibione Spiaggia in order to learn more about the implications of the certificate. Also, visit EMAS to learn details about the history of the certificate and see why is so important for your destination of choice to comply with the specified rules.