Weather and climate in Bibione

Warm weather, perfect for sunbathing, May to September

Bibione is benefitted by its geographical location with the influence of the sea and of the nearby Alps. From May to September, air temperatures create the ideal circumstances for sunbathing. Humidity is actually quite high, making high temperatures feel hotter and low temperatures feel colder. There’s also plenty of rainfall, as is typical of Mediterranean climate, but overall sun triumphs and favors beach tourism in Bibione.

July and August remain the hottest months of the year, with temperatures well above 30°C. Minimums drop, on occasion, below the freezing level in mid-winter, but there’s no need to fret. If you pack for a winter vacation in Bibione, your luggage will be much lighter than it would for the typical winter vacation destination.

The links below help you plan your vacation. Check the available forecast and see if the odds tip the scales in your favor.

Extended weather forecast for Bibione provided by Accuweather.

10-day weather forecast for Bibione provided by Weather.