Bibione Rock Festival / Events

Newly emerging festival that celebrates rock as lifestyle

Usually held in mid May, Bibione Rock Festival aims to promote the newly emerging bands and artists of the rock scene. There’s nothing too extreme about this festival, but it stands out, first and foremost, as a declaration of style. Music is but an expression of rock, and if you embrace rock as lifestyle, you’ll definitely want to attend Bibione Rock Festival if you happen to be on an early vacation.

Bibione Rock Festival
Piazza Mercato, Bibione, Venice, Italy
mid May
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Attractions in Bibione

Bibione Rock Festival

Held in mid May, Bibione Rock Festival intends to grab the attention of rock aficionados and of to give the curious a clue about the meaning of rock.


Bike and mountain biking routes

Explore the bike and mountain biking routes in and around Bibione. The resort is a hub of cycle tourism in east Italy.


May Festival

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