Bibione Spiaggia / Beaches

The largest beach of Bibione, enjoying a central location on the island’s shore

Out of some 8 kilometers of impeccable sandy shore of the island, Bibione Spiaggia fills the largest cut. It also enjoys a central location, and that makes it popular with tourists who want to keep it mainstream. Also, a family-oriented venue with fun opportunities for sun worshipers of all ages. It neighbors on Lido dei Pini (at east) and on Lido del Sole (at west). Bibione Thermae is also nearby.

Bibione Spiaggia highlights

A seemingly endless stretch of sand, dotted with sun chairs and parasols. Always crammed with visitors, always animated – well, of course, during the tourist season. Go with the flow and pick your favorite fun: you can make sports, water sport included, you can take some dance lessons or simply lie in the sun.

Don’t worry about the little ones: entertainment for children of all ages is in place in each tourist season. Enough to keep them busy, active and smiling, and to give you some quality time for yourself.

Bibione Spiaggia is one of the most popular beaches in the entire Italy. It is to this stretch of sand that Bibione owes its tourist ranking: years in a row, the tourist flow exceeded the total number of locals precisely due to its excellently fitted and managed spiaggia.

Services and facilities in Bibione Spiaggia

Bibione Spiaggia is managed, just like the rest of the beach, by the namesake entity. The quality of service and facilities has brought the beach the Blue Flag award and an EMAS certificate. This means the authority is no stranger environment protection, and pays strict attention to amenities.

Lifeguard posts to keep the fun safe are in place. If you book a sun chair and an umbrella, your parking place is guaranteed. And free, for that matter. Plus, as guest of any hotel that owns a private area on Bibione Spiaggia, your sun chair and parasol are ensured.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be happy to learn Bibione Spiaggia has recently initiated a non-smoking policy. Chances are, any time soon, you won’t be exposing yourself to the risks of second hand smoking on the beaches of Bibione.

Stay connected even when on the beach: Bibione Spiaggia has full Wi-Fi coverage.

Visit Bibione Spiaggia s.r.l. in order to learn about events, attractions, and facilities and services you should make the most of. Find out more about ticket sale points and schedules.

Bibione Spiaggia s.r.l.
Via del Mare 2, Bibione, 30028, Venice, Italy
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Attractions in Bibione


Venice makes for a perfect vacation destination, but if you prefer Bibione, don’t miss out the opportunity and spend a day or two in La Serenissima.


Valgrande and Vallesina

Valgrande and Vallesina spread on some 475 hectares. Ancient fishing valleys, they are now recognized as to their environmental importance.


Lido dei Pini

Lido dei Pini is the easternmost beach of Bibione. On top of the fun opportunities, it features the so-called Pluto Beach, a pet friendly area.