Caorle / Nearby attractions

A jewel of the Venetian Riviera, perfect for family getaways

Caorle and Bibione share a lot in common. They both live of beach tourism, they both emerged as tourist destinations in the second half of the 20th century. Plus, they share the lagoon. But they’re not identical, so a daytrip to Caorle benefits you with yet another piece of the engaging Adriatic coastline puzzle.

Add Caorle to your list of must visits while vacationing in Bibione: you might discover your next summer destination if you love good food and wine, if you like spending time with your family, or if you want to explore in depth the genuine traditions of the Veneto region.

Caorle highlights

The beach: nothing to make a fuss about here. Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente are both awarded the Blue Flag, so you can expect the same quality services and facilities as in Bibione.

There’s also the lagoon: a natural treasure that also introduces you to a world of unadulterated traditions. On top of the environmental value of the place, there’s also the casoni, the typical fishermen houses, still built according to the old ways of incipient architecture.

Fun for kids in in place: take them to Aquafolie and to Gomma Magica for a fun-packed trip to Caorle. And, of course, don’t decline yourself the pleasure of a rightfully earned meal at one of the resort’s top restaurants. You’ll see no significant difference between the menus in Bibione and the specialty lists in Caorle: fish is always on the table and only the best DOC wines of the region make it to the wine books.

The Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel and the Cathedral of Saint Stephen add up to your list if you look for something in excess of the typical sand and see set.

How to get from Bibione to Caorle

Caorle and Bibione are neighboring resorts, with only the splendid Vallevecchia between them. The shortest way to get from Bibione to Caorle is by sea: boat tours are organized regularly, so, if you’re curious enough, do give it a try.

Traveling by bus or by car adds some serious distance to your trip: about 42 kilometers on land, given the fact you have to practically go around the lagoon. Visit ATVO to check bus schedules and prices if you prefer public transportation (which you should, buses are both time efficient and budget friendly, so to speak).

If you prefer to drive there, take SP 74 direction San Michele Al Tagliamento, then make a left on SP 42. From Zona Industriale Zecchetto, head southwards on SP 59. It will get you straight to Caorle.

Attractions in Bibione


Play tennis in Bibione! Look for multi-purpose sports centers or for tennis clubs and practice your favorite sport on vacation.


Bibione Rock Festival

Held in mid May, Bibione Rock Festival intends to grab the attention of rock aficionados and of to give the curious a clue about the meaning of rock.


Asparagus Festival

Held in late April or early May, the Asparagus Festival invites you to a world of culinary delights. A must for dainty feeders vacationing in Bibione.