Asparagus Festival / Events

Eat healthy and celebrate life while in Bibione

Festa Dell’Asparago is a must if you happen to be in Bibione in late April. The festival is typically held on April 25th, but dates can vary. It occasions you a delightful encounter with the absolute star of local cuisine: white asparagus. It is organized by Cooperativa Agricola Bibione in an attempt to educate the public in respect to organic farming and healthy eating.

A lot to explore in just a day! Piazza Mercato turns into an outdoor exhibition. Antique farming tools, insects crucial to organic farming, plants and gardening tools are showcased in order to inform the public about the importance of intelligent agriculture. And, of course, countless food stalls dripping with sausages, cheese, vegetables and wine (DOC labels) to prove organic farming is not good just for the environment, but also for your palate.

Keep in mind restaurants in Bibione are known for their respect for seasonal ingredients. This is that time of year when menus make way to asparagus. Do try the recipes: salad with seafood and asparagus, asparagus pie, asparagus omelet, gnocchi with asparagus, meats with asparagus and even asparagus ice cream. Indeed, even desserts!

Asparagus Festival / Festa Dell’Asparago
Piazza Mercato, Bibione, Venice, Italy
April 25th

Attractions in Bibione


Food, wine, entertainment, fireworks: the fixings of one of the most popular festivals in Bibione, namely, Septemberfest.


Water sports

Hit the board and wait for the perfect wave. Or come aboard and take a sailing course. You can do all that in Bibione, if you truly love the sea.



Pineda marks the westernmost area of Bibione. This is where Portobaseleghe is located. The beach has a free area you can access without ticket.