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A vacation on two wheels, a vacation to the full

Beach tourism, gourmet tourism, sports tourism, health tourism: so many niches, so many ways to experience Bibione! But don’t forget cycle tourism! If you love to ride your bike, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a lot in Bibione to keep you busy, active and smiling for the entire duration of your fun-packed vacation.

Bike rental, for instance, is a complimentary (however, sometimes paid) service of most well rated hotels and camping sites. Plus, in Bibione there are plenty of bike rental opportunities: no need for you to bring your own bike on vacation, you’ll most certainly find one here to match your demands.

Then, the itineraries: cycle paths crisscross Bibione and the inland destinations. Some are for the most daring, some cater for the leisure needs of the disabled and of children. A bit for everyone! Which is not surprising at all: the exquisite cycle infrastructure of Bibione is one of the reasons the resort has received the EMAS certificate.

Here are some of the most popular cycling itineraries in and around Bibione. For some extra action, enlarge your horizon by visiting Bike Map. This portal lists all the available cycle trails available in the region.

Adriatic Promenade

This 10-kilometer path – called Passeggiata Adriatico – has level 1 difficulty. It is paved with concrete, cement and wood stretches, and it is suitable for all types of bicycles. All these make it fit for all ages. Unsurprisingly, it is highly popular with tourists and locals throughout the year: always crowded, packed with bikers, joggers and walkers alike (it is also a pedestrian trail).

Pista ciclabile lungomare (as it is also referred to by locals) runs from east of Piazzale Zenith (Lido dei Pini) all the way to Pineda, parallel to the beach and sea. It is well taken care of: trimmed seasonal flower beds bringing a new color and a new fragrance each month of the year. A dreamlike path at sunrise, attention-grabbing at sundown! And a must for every biker in the making or inveterate rider!

City path

This one describes a ring route around Bibione. It is linked to Passeggiata Adriatico, and they together offer you the possibility to discover the resort at its full extent. It measures 10 kilometers in length, and it is paved with asphalt, which is why it is suitable for all kinds of bicycles.

Its level of difficulty (level 1) makes it easy to ride by beginners and experimented bikers alike, regardless of age. It brings you close to a number of highlights in Bibione, including bars and restaurants where you can stop to replenish. Also, take time to visit the parks and gardens, even if on the expense of an uninterrupted ride: you’re not competing with anyone, you just have to make the best of your ride. The pine forest between Via Brenta and Via Toro, Lino delle Fate (which is close to Bibione Thermae) and Bosco Canoro (in Lido del Sole) are of particular tourist interest.

Some sections of this pista ciclabile cittadina are not exclusively dedicated to cycling, so keep that in mind when you’re about to cross them. Don’t fret, they’re usually signposted.

The Lighthouse and the pine forest

This 12-kilometer path is pretty challenging. It has a level 3 difficulty, and, due to its conformation – asphalt alternating with dirt road and sand – it is suitable for mountain bikes. The route starts in Piazzale Zenith, heads for the Lighthouse and then northwards only to return to Piazzale Zenith after taking you to a wealth of amazing nature beauties.

The Lighthouse makes for a splendid landmark you can take photos of at sunset or sunrise (but keep in mind this route is recommended for day rides). And the assortment of landscapes will delight the keen biker with a penchant for nature sets: the lush greenery of the pine forest, the sandy touch of the dirt roads, the picturesque countryside. A definite must if you know your way around a mountain bike!

Zero food miles in 6 kilometers

Indeed, this is a gourmet’s tour. A gourmet who also likes to ride. In brief, a tourist who treasures the simple pleasures of life and embraces them as they come. This 6 kilometer path introduces you to the “Istrian area” of Bibione: it’s the picturesque and bountiful area of the island, where local produces, the white asparagus included, are grown.

The asphalt and dirt road passes by lush orchard, well taken care of greenhouses and vast fields. It is from here that the Agricultural Cooperative brings their produces to Bibione: showcased at the store they maintain in Via Pineda Destra, 11. If you have to try the fruit of the land, visit the farms in Sommaggio and Pizziga: you’ll most certainly find something to appease your cravings and curiosity.

The “Zero food miles in 6 kilometers” has a level 2 difficulty, and it’s best to make it with a city bike.


A definite must for nature lovers: Valgrande is Bibione’s fishing valley. Until a few years ago, it was a private property, but now it is open to the public. You can’t explore the area at will: due to its tremendous environmental value (360 hectares home to a variety of plant and animal species, including wild horses), it grabbed the attention of the European Community which recognized its value.

Tourists are allowed here only on horseback, on bicycle or on foot in order to not disturb the balance of the place. Also, you have to make an appointment and announce your intention of visiting Valgrande. Rules are, indeed, strict, but the effort is worth making. On top of the wealth of nature attractions, pay attention to the so called la lecceta (a holm-oak forest) which is home to 150 years old specimens. The remains of a Roman villa (Motteron dei Frati) dating back to the 5th century AD can be spotted here.

The path has level 2 difficulty, and it consists of sand and earth sections. You can do the 18-kilometer tour on a city bike, but keep in mind this is not a walk in the park. That’s why the official recommendation is to not bring children under 10 along.

Gira Tagliamento

Gira Tagliamento runs parallel to the Tagliamento River, and introduces you a world of nature wonders. It measures 19 kilometers in length, from the entrance of Bibione to San Michele Al Tagliamento (center of the city), and it is one of the most popular routes in the hinterland of Bibione. It has level 3 difficulty, and if you’re not sure you’re up for the challenge, you’d better think twice. Even as an experienced biker, you’re advised to bring along your mechanical kit. Play it safe, the advice is not given lightly!

This is a difficult road paved with asphalt, with earth and grass sections, going downhill and uphill. Vegetation is of particular interest, but if you’re not quite the naturalist, the landscape will reward you just as much. Keep in mind a city bike can’t handle the road. Ride, instead, a mountain bike to make sure you’ll get there and back again by the book.

Cesarolo ring

Looking to leave Bibione and the sea behind and see what the countryside has to offer? Look no further than Cesarolo. It is a medium difficulty level route (2), and it is suitable for mountain bikes (mostly consisting of dirt road and segments of asphalt).

First you have to follow the course of the Tagliamento River. When you reach Cesarolo, you have two options: either circle it through the south or through the north. Either way, you’ll get to get around the villages and miss nothing out of its picturesque attractions. As beginner, you might find this route a bit challenging, but not impossible. But as an experienced biker, you’ll be able to pull this ride off in the estimated time with no problem (2,5 hours).

Third Basin and the casoni

The so-called 3 Bacino e i casoni partially overlaps the Cesarolo ring, but it aims at a different destination. The 23-kilometer route (which is not a cycle path proper, but it’s easy to explore due to low traffic) leads you to the Third Basin, in the heart of the lagoon where you can admire both the nature and the old fishermen traditions.

The typical casoni are the highlight of the place, but don’t focus on specifics: relish the overall peace of this corner of countryside. And, yes, you’ll have to ride your mountain bike in order to make this level 2 difficulty itinerary.

Brussa and Vallevecchia

This is not the most difficult route (level 2 difficulty), but it’s nonetheless a challenge. It stretches on 70 kilometers, and you’ll need to take a day or two, even, to complete the route. But your efforts will pay off. The asphalt stretches alternate with dirt roads and lead you the wonderful countryside, as well as to picturesque towns, e.g. Lugugnana and Brussa, where you can take a break and hit the inviting trattorie. Finally, you’ll get to Vallevecchia (also spelled Valle Vecchia), which is a protected nature area, where you can relish the peaceful vibe and catch your breath.

You can opt for a city bike, and the official recommendation is to mind the heavy traffic in Lugugnana. All in all, a trip you should definitely consider if you plan to make a memory of your stay in Bibione!

Attractions in Bibione

Lignano Sabbiadoro

The beach, the golf club, the wealth of fun parks and the spa center: the fixings of a memorable vacation in Lignano Sabbiadoro.



Play tennis in Bibione! Look for multi-purpose sports centers or for tennis clubs and practice your favorite sport on vacation.



Food, wine, entertainment, fireworks: the fixings of one of the most popular festivals in Bibione, namely, Septemberfest.