May Festival / Events

Bibione’s heartfelt welcome to all its visitors

The May Festival is but a preview to what the tourist season is all about in Bibione. It is organized by tourist associations, and it aims to give visitors a hint about the entertainment opportunities of the resort.

Stalls dripping with traditional Veneto dishes and Lison Pramaggiore wines tempt you to discover the richness of the local cuisine. No need to shy away: you can easily lose the extra pounds if you then go biking or take one of the walking or running tours organized throughout the tourist season.

If you happen to miss this one out, don’t fret: at least you’ll get to attend Septemberfest, which largely replicates the May Festival.

May Festival
Bibione, Venice, Italy
early May

Attractions in Bibione

Sand Xtreme Challenge

Sand Xtreme Challenge is organized by Motoclub BB1 Bibione. It is held in late March, and it grabs the attention of keen bikers throughout the Europe.


Water sports

Hit the board and wait for the perfect wave. Or come aboard and take a sailing course. You can do all that in Bibione, if you truly love the sea.


May Festival

Introducing tourists in Bibione’s agenda: May Festival marks the beginning of the season on the island. Entertainment for all ages!