Valgrande and Vallesina / Health and nature

The old fishing valley of Bibione, now a genuine tourist asset of the island

Part of the Bibione Lagoon, Valgrande (also spelled Val Grande) is the most precious nature asset of Bibione. This is a large 360-hectare area, the fishing valley of Bibione, recently recognized by the European Community for its environmental value. Together with the neighboring Vallesina, it fills an area of about 475 hectares.

Valgrande was not always on the tourist map of Bibione. As private property, it was managed by its owners without much consideration for its tourist value. However, things have changed lately, so now the old fishing valley of Bibione is open to the public.

On the other hand, due to its environmental value, one can’t just simply rush into Valgrande. Your intention must be announced. Plus, mainstream means of transport are banned: you’re welcomed to visit the area only on horseback, on bike or on foot. That’s how owners make sure nature is not troubled.

Valgrande and Vallesina highlights

This is a naturalist’s paradise: lush vegetation and animal species filling with life, sound and color every corner of this unspoiled haven. You can do some serious bird watching here, and biking around remains the favorite way of searching out the territory.

Look for Villa Mutteron dei Frati: it was built around the 5th century AD, and its vestiges can be visited, but with the same reverence you owe, as passerby, to the entire place and to its nature assets.

If you look to extend your stay here, you’re welcomed to visit the casone-type house built by Antonio dal Molin in the 17th century. This is a rusticated abode that combines architectural elements of the casoni with stone and brick. The owners receive their guests with rooms decorated and furnished with massive wood pieces. Do give it a try if you’re fed up with the ways of mainstream tourism!

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Parco Naturale Valgrande
Parco Naturale Valgrande, Bibione, Venice, Italy

Attractions in Bibione

San Michele Al Tagliamento

Main city of the namesake commune of which Bibione is the most important frazione. Reach San Michele Al Tagliamento by bike or by bus.


Valgrande and Vallesina

Valgrande and Vallesina spread on some 475 hectares. Ancient fishing valleys, they are now recognized as to their environmental importance.



Pineda marks the westernmost area of Bibione. This is where Portobaseleghe is located. The beach has a free area you can access without ticket.