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Relax, replenish, enjoy: an oasis of health and beauty in the very heart of Bibione

There’s no place like Bibione Thermae on the island. Sure you can shop or accept the challenge of a bike tour, or idle away in the sun, or go windsurfing in search of the perfect wave. But when you draw the line, you realize it’s time to relax and give yourself a special treat.

Bibione Therme is not the typical spa center. It offers the prospect of an entire vacation under the heading of relaxation, recovery and beautification. It is, in fact, one of the topnotch attractions in Bibione. To top it off, it is also the only seafront spa center in Italy, which is of no little importance. Because, in the end, what is a concept of wellbeing if deprived of a rewarding visual experience? Immersed in greenery – it is surrounded by pine trees – it also offers you the stunning view of the sea.

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and the staff is friendly, skilled and experienced. However, thermal water (which emerges from about 500 meters underground, at a temperature of well above 50 degrees Celsius) remains one of the main assets. Its properties are recognized by the Ministry of Health (which is a great advantage of Italian citizens, who are benefitted with certain privileges if it comes to the need to visit Bibione Thermae): the healing water has high contents of sodium bicarbonate and fluoride, and it is rather alkaline than acidic. And that makes it perfect for treatments.

A wide range of conditions can be treated here, but medical reasons are not the only ones that draw tourists here. Consider Bibione Thermae also has a fitness center and a wellness area (sauna, Turkish bath, herbal bath), a lounge area and an outdoor pool. Massage and beauty treatments are also on the table. Plus, there’s also a snack bar where people accompanying patients or guests can spend a few lovely moments. Keep in mind pediatric services are also in place.

If your vacation in Bibione is all about relaxation, beautification and recovery, think about booking a room at one of the Thermae Hotels on the island. For extra advantages, buy a Thermae Card so you don’t beat yourself too hard about spending a fortune on a dream vacation.

Check the info below and learn all there is to know about Bibione Thermae. Check prices, schedules and structure, and see whether their offers are a match for your vacation agenda.

Bibione Thermae
Via delle Colonie, 3, Bibione, 30020, Venice, Italy
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Bibione Thermae

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