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A naturalist’s paradise in the very heart of Laguna di Caorle e Bibione

It was no sooner than he 1990s that Vallevecchia emerged as a place of particular naturalist interest. Until then, it was used mainly to agricultural purposes. A project of restoring Vallevecchia to its environmental importance was, however, initiated in the early ‘90s. Now, the island located right between Bibione and Caorle, in the very heart of the lagoon, is a biotope of tremendous environmental value, sheltering a host of plant and animal species.

Vallevecchia highlights

The 900-hectare island is open to tourists, but you must apply here the general rules of outdoor commonsense. Nature must be respected, so you’re allowed to leave no trace of your passage here. Be as discrete as possible, and don’t disturb the peacefulness of the place: neither phonically nor otherwise (leave no waste, release no animals here and don’t attempt to catch one or pick up plants). You’re just a visitor, so stick to that.

The landscape consists of an assortment of elements: beach, dunes, pine forest, marshes, lagoon. It’s quite a mosaic you’re allowed to explore on foot or by bike. But keep in mind you do have to earn your visit to paradise: Vallevecchia is not so easy to get to, regardless of where you start out.

You need to keep in mind you first have to get to Brussa, and then head southwards. But that makes for a day or two on bike (if you leave from Bibione). Your efforts will pay off: if you’re an outdoorsy person, Vallevecchia is precisely what you need to turn your stay in Bibione into vacation to remember.

Check the info below and learn in depth about the history of the island, its current status and environmental value.

Vallevecchia, Bibione, Venice, Italy
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Attractions in Bibione

Lido del Sole

Lido del Sole is located between Bibione Spiaggia and Pineda. It is perfect for family vacations, away from the hustle of the central beach.


Sports centers

Centro Sportivo Polivalente is your best bet if you want to practice a bit of everything: from tennis to volleyball, basketball to football.


Bibione Spiaggia

Central beach of Bibione: childrens’ entertainment, sport opportunities and excellent services and facilities on Bibione Spiaggia.