Concordia Sagittaria / Nearby attractions

Packed with history, perfect set for cultural tourism

Concordia Sagittaria is one of the most historical cities in the region. It was founded around the 1st century BC as Roman colony, and it seems it played an important role in warfare during the Roman era. Massive archeological findings prove it. Excavations have also brought to light vestiges of early Christianity.

Concordia Sagittaria highlights

Whatever you plan to do in Concordia, don’t overlook the Saint Stephen Cathedral (built in the 10th century) and the neighboring 12th century Bell Tower. The site is filled with archeological treasures unearthed from underneath the cathedral and around it. They date back to around the 4th century AD. The vestiges of an ancient Roman road have also been discovered in front of the church. Via San Pietro also grabs your attention. It is here that further Roman remains have been dug out: the arch of a bridge, a theater and a forum.

Also from the Roman era there are the vestiges of the thermal bath and of the city walls. Some of the findings can now be seen at the Archeological Museum in Portogruaro.

The Municipal Palace (dating back to 1523) and the Bishop’s Palace (built in 1450) are noteworthy, enriching the architectural landscape with Renaissance and Venetian touches.

How to get from Bibione to Concordia Sagittaria

You largely have to follow the road to Portogruaro and then head southwards. Concordia stretches some 2 kilometers south of Portogruaro, so you can together make for a perfect daytrip destination.

Check with ATVO to see what buses are available and learn about ticket prices if you consider the alternative of public transport.

Attractions in Bibione

Bibione Spiaggia

Central beach of Bibione: childrens’ entertainment, sport opportunities and excellent services and facilities on Bibione Spiaggia.



It is located 32 km from Bibione. Portogruaro makes for an ideal destination if you want to change the beach for a completely different urban set.


Sports centers

Centro Sportivo Polivalente is your best bet if you want to practice a bit of everything: from tennis to volleyball, basketball to football.