San Michele Al Tagliamento / Nearby attractions

Tranquil historical city bordering on Friuli

San Michele Al Tagliamento is the main city of the namesake commune, the very commune of which Bibione is part, as frazione. San Michele Al Tagliamento is not the most popular tourist destination in northeast Italy, but if you look to explore the hinterland of the Venetian Riviera, it can’t hurt to consider a daytrip to San Michele.

Most of the historical heritage of the city was destroyed in World War Two, and what you can see here today is the result of massive reconstruction works carried out subsequently. However, you can still pay a visit: at least you’ll know to which administration Bibione owes its development as topnotch beach tourism destination.

San Michele al Tagliamento highlights

Crossed by Via Annia in Antiquity (the main road between Rome and Aquileia), San Michele Al Tagliamento seems to have had some strategic importance in the region for a long time.

You can do a bit of sightseeing in San Michele. Look for the now derelict Villa Ivancich. It used to be frequented by Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound. In all likelihood, it was built in the late 16th century by Longhena, commissioned by the Mocenigo family, an important Venetian family of those times.

Don’t hesitate to try the restaurants. The inlands are fertile and benefit the local cuisine with superb ingredients. For a day or two, change the fish and seafood dishes of Bibione for hearty plates of meats and cheeses.

How to get from Bibione to San Michele Al Tagliamento

Some 17 kilometers between Bibione and San Michele Al Tagliamento: a distance easy to cover by car in about 20 minutes. Follow SP 74 and then turn east on Via Marango. That will lead you straight to the center of the city.

Check with ATVO to see if the alternative of traveling by bus appeals to you.

Don’t forget San Michele marks the end of Gira Tagliamento, one of the most popular bike trails in the hinterlands of Bibione. Why not get on the saddle and see what the route has to offer?

Attractions in Bibione


Your fitness, your health! Spend an active vacation in Bibione and go to the gym. Instead of idling away in the sun, choose smart!


Bibione Thermae

The core of health tourism in Bibione: Bibione Thermae is the ultimate place for relaxation, therapy and beauty treatments.


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