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Go back to the basics: walk around in Bibione or try barefoot running

The beach, the sun, the sea: these are the tourist assets of Bibione. But there’s more to this resort than meets the eye. The prospect of an active vacation makes as much sense here as the notion of a stay you plan to idle away in the sun. There are plenty of sports activities: choose between tennis or fitness, windsurfing or sailing. Or, better yet, try a bit of everything.

But if you don’t want to go to extremes and sweat too much, do consider the walking tours made available each tourist season. Also, Nordic walking seems to score points with visitors: each year, an increasing number of tourists choose the Nordic walking tours organized by qualified hotel staffs or standalone professionals.

Want to speed up? Try barefoot running. No, barefoot running is not a rarity in Bibione, so go with the flow! It is particularly popular in Pineda, which is all about respecting and coming back to nature.

Gruppo Marciatori Bibione

Four tours designed to show the curious tourist around. Pick the 6-kiloemter tour or the 11-kilometer tour if you feel like the 16-kilometer or the 24-kilometer tours a bit of a stretch to you. Keep in mind the longest itinerary literally takes you throughout Bibione, so, if you have the ambition and the energy, don’t hesitate.

Check their schedules and prices and see if Gruppo Marciatori Bibione lives up to your expectations. Also, see the itineraries and ticket sale points.

Gruppo Marciatori Bibione
Bibione, 30028, Venice, Italy
[email protected]

Attractions in Bibione

Bibione Spiaggia

Central beach of Bibione: childrens’ entertainment, sport opportunities and excellent services and facilities on Bibione Spiaggia.


Bibione Rock Festival

Held in mid May, Bibione Rock Festival intends to grab the attention of rock aficionados and of to give the curious a clue about the meaning of rock.


Bike and mountain biking routes

Explore the bike and mountain biking routes in and around Bibione. The resort is a hub of cycle tourism in east Italy.